About «DartInfo»

Our company has developed the software for control of advertising screens through the Internet.

«DartInfo» system will let you unite screens into one system and control them independently of their location, which fact is vital for prompt updating of information and advertisements. This way of data communication has advantages to existing variants (sign plates, leaflets, posters):

• Low expenses and promptness of work — advertising on screens is cheaper as compared to printed ads or banners, and does not require transportation expenses and installation costs when materials need to be updated. As to simplicity and easiness of information updating, digital technologies take the lead in comparison to any traditional media.

• Broad audience — dynamic videos draw the eye and attention of a larger number of people and improve perception of the advertising information.

• Saving of space and rent expenses – several advertising videos can be shown on one screen at the same time.

• An option of spot placement of advertisements – you will be able to show videos on those screens, where they are required to be shown.