Mode of work

The system «DartInfo» is an essential tool for promotion of advertising and information content on terminals and screens. It helps to unite and manage devices through the Internet, independently of their location.

• Usage of the system on screens is a great alternative to banners, commercial signs and other outdated means of information display.

• By using the tool for making of the advertising network out of payment terminals, you will get more profit from existing advertising spaces.

Important! Our system does not require prepayments or investments, there is an absolutely free trial period.

«DartInfo» operates with a view to the highest convenience and fulfillment of all user’s requirements. The system capabilities include local display management (uploading of certain content to selected spaces), flexible settings of display schedule (setting of information display according to time periods and during specified hours).

The system operation can be viewed by stages:

1. The player software is installed on terminals/computers, connected to information screens.

2. Control of the player software is performed through the web interface, which the client can access using login and password.

3. Using the website interface a user uploads files to the «DartInfo» server.

4. After processing at the server, files go to players at information areas, where the content is displayed.

5. Using the website interface a user can view statistics and generate reports (by quantity, duration of display and other information).