Advertising monitor based on the TV and nettop

If you own a small shop and want to attract buyers colorful advertisements on the trading floor or in a display case, but the purchase of specialized advertising display does not fit into your budget, you can do to collect the advertising of the LCD monitor or plasma TV and a small computer with Internet access and software provision «DartInfo». This solution is much cheaper than buying a dedicated advertising display, but saved the convenience and efficiency of information management on your monitor, provided by the system «DartInfo».

Especially for such decisions our company has developed a controller «TVS CEC», which can be used to control TVs Samsung, Philips, Toshiba, Sony, Panasonic, LG. Use your TV via an HDMI port via CEC. Control commands to the controller and board «TVS CEC» receives from the computer via USB. Team management issues running on a computer software that comes bundled with the controller «TVS CEC».

The controller «TVS CEC» allows us to solve the following problems that arise when constructing advertising displays:
1. Turning on the TV schedule.
2. Turn the TV on after a power failure.
3. Switching the TV on a given input HDMI.
4. Monitoring the state of the TV (on / off).

With the help of «DartInfo» You will be able to remotely (via web interface) monitor the status and control settings of scheduled advertising monitor, equipped with a controller «TVS CEC».

Get more information and a technical description of the controller «TVS CEC» to control TVs via HDMI CEC can on our website.

In order to buy the controller «TVS CEC» to control TVs via HDMI-CEC, or get answers to your questions please contact us.