Advertising monitor without a computer (USB-flash)

If you plan to place advertising monitors within the same building and centralized management of advertising for you does not matter, and the budget is not large, we can offer one of the most inexpensive and simple solutions - advertising monitor based on the LG TV, USB-flash and a special controller «TVS Serial», developed by our company.

LG TVs are equipped with built-in player, video files, USB-port and RS-232. Connect the controller «TVS Serial» LG to the TV via RS-232, record videos on a USB-flash drive and connect it to the USB-port on the TV LG. Will only connect to a TV and a controller to the mains of 220 V.

All the necessary steps to enable playback of video clips from USB-flash will make our controller, as follows:
1. Power on the TV.
2. Disabling the on-screen messages (OSD).
3. Disabling the remote control and the control buttons on the body (carried out only if the user is authorized operation).
4. Switch the TV to the playback of video files from USB in the cyclic mode.

The controller monitors the status of the TV (on / off) and if at the time of the LG TV will disconnect the power supply voltage, then after the power supply controller «TVS Serial» will perform all activities to include playback from USB-flash.

Get more information and a technical description of the controller «TVS Serial» LG TV for you on our site.

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